My Clients and their Social Media Presence

April 8, 2011 at 5:40 pm | Posted in Clients, Social Media | Comments Off on My Clients and their Social Media Presence

It’s a sunny afternoon here in West Wales and I’m sitting here wondering how I can help some of my clients with their social media presence.

I’m not going to pretend that I am anywhere near an expert on this topic but I do Tweet (personal account so it’s a mix of friends, F1, Joomla! and typical social network moaning @TiggerCub if you dare).

On Facebook, I rarely write on my wall, but I do ‘like’ and I volunteered to be an administrator on the Pwerdy-Powerhouse page which is a local Community and Arts Centre.

I’ve also proved that I’m not a great blogger. How many days since I last updated this site? I’m surprised that WordPress haven’t thrown me off for laziness.

However, in for a penny etc here are some of my comments / suggestions.

  • If  you decide to use social media to promote your business you are putting yourself in front of the public.
  • Your ideals, your reputation: people will react if you are controversial, people will react if you are interesting.
  • Remember, whatever you put on the web it is there forever for good or for bad.
  • You will be aiming to have conversations with your past, present and future clients.
  • You could give tips regarding your business or general information.
  • You may find out more about your clients’ wants and needs as they ask you questions, they may even trust you.
  • You may not be comfortable writing so why not try audio or video?
  • Finally, for now at least – enjoy communicating with people.



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