JonJu Tech Ltd website is live

January 26, 2012 at 1:26 pm | Posted in Clients, Joomla Design, Search Engine Optimization | Comments Off on JonJu Tech Ltd website is live

We recently launched a new website for JonJu Tech Ltd a  which helps design and development of electronic products.  JonJu Tech wanted a very clean, simple looking website which is easy to navigate and is optimised for search engines.

JonJu Tech were really pleased with how, once they had some training, they could easily update and edit their articles and add pictures.  They also loved being able to add the page description which appears in the html code and is very important to SEO they can also add keywords which are not so important.  This gives the user real power to control the content for their customers and for search engines.

Jon Ju Tech also sent me pdfs of handwritten notes which they wanted their customers to be able to comment on. So I found a plugin and component from the Joomla extensive extensions directory and I was able to embed the pdf with a comment system below. I think it’s a good solution and you can see it if you got Knowledge Base / Design Decoded Notes and then click on the one the subjects in the list.

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