Privacy, Time, Design

February 2, 2012 at 6:18 pm | Posted in Clients, Social Media | Comments Off on Privacy, Time, Design

I finally persuaded a client to have a Facebook page, as I think it will enhance the business as there would be more interaction with their customers.  News would be more immediate as folks tend look at their Facebook page very regularly, even daily, more than once a day even. (Client gave me an incredulous look when I said that!)

The problem with Facebook as my client saw it was, privacy, time and designing the look of the page.

The privacy issue was about, ‘I don’t want to tell the customer everything about me”.

Well, I said, simply don’t. Talk about the business, talk about why people like your products, why you like your products, how it’s produced, but don’t say anymore.  It’s a matter of choice.  Personally, I always think that if I wasn’t prepared to put it up in lights in Piccadilly Circus, than I won’t put it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

I understand the time issue, all small business owners do.  When do you make time to sit at a computer, on a daily basis, especially if you have to travel to see customers and buyers?  It’s a conundrum, here is a way to interact with a large audience quickly and cheaply but the day to day chores of running a business are getting in the way. There’s no answer apart from being organised, make a daily list. If you are not at your computer for day or two, make notes of things you’d like to tell your customers and then make the time when you get back to a computer to put it on Facebook. Or, have a smart phone with a Facebook app. and you can update on the move – although, that might not suite everyone and you may be in an area like where I live, where there is no 3G or free wifi.

Finally the look or design of the page, this is simple, because Facebook make it simple.  The design of the page, the branding on the page is 99% Facebook. The only thing to do is upload the logo, write some information and the page is created.  So your brand is not so obvious on the page, it is very subtle. I know of quite a few businesses who have started with Facebook pages and only later have gone on to have a website.  I think, in a way, that their brand is created by the interaction with their customers, they are creating trust and a reputation just by this interaction.  I’m not an expert on ‘marketing’ this is purely observation but trust and reputation go along way in the very competitive market place in which we are today.

The Facebook page is up, I will help them with it for the time being as they get used to it.  It’s all good fun in the end and I think that they might find it very useful to their business.


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