Introducing the new kid on the block… Pinterest

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I came across Pinterest a few months ago via Twitter.  I wasn’t sure about it at first and with so many of these social media sites the best thing for me to do is join and have a go. So, I did.  Oddly, if you join you have to wait 24 hours or so for your invite!  It sounds extraordinary in this day and age but if you are invited by an existing member it’s quicker. Anyway once I signed in and started playing around with the site, even reading the instructions, I realised that this was not about saying what you had for lunch or where you had been but about interesting visuals – photos and videos of posters, fashion, design, architecture, interiors etc, etc, etc.  It’s a website for what people put on their pinboards, not on their wall at home but on their computer on the web where everyone can see it. Interesting as whatever you have pinned, could become viral.  I eventually found a lovely blog which describes what Pinterest is and how to use it:

Of course, this is a business opportunity, as way of driving traffic to your website, if you have a visual business that is.  When someone pins the photo from your website to their board, your web address is also displayed. Other people on Pinterest could ‘like’ or even ‘repin’ the image and of course they may follow through and go to your website and then it’s up to you and the content which you have on your website.

So how do we make people pin something from your website?  I have a gadget called ‘Pin it’ in my browser window (I’m using Firefox) which when I click on it, the website changes so that it displays just the images on the page. I then click on the one I want on my pinboard and, once I’ve logged in, it appears on my pinboard.  Social Bookmarks are now including Pinterest to their choices too, something which can be added to every page of your website.  Or, if you have a Pinterest page of your own you can add a ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ plus link on your website.

There are some great ideas for marketing using Pinterest:

I think that Pinterest is fun, and is great to look at.  It is certainly more interesting than Google+ which has so far proved to be very disappointing.  In comparison to Pinterest it is too complicated to use and complicated takes too much time.  I hope to persuade some of our existing clients to use it as it might be beneficial to them.


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