Secure your mobile devices

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Image shows a smart phone and pad.

Portable devices

Mobile devices such as smart phones or pads are now very common and no doubt this Christmas many people will be getting a new mobile device.  They are easy to use, they are portable and with a swipe of finger so much information is available. This is beautiful and useful technology.

However as with all technology we must be careful how we use it.  I recently got a new smart phone and after I had set it up, the first app I downloaded from the Play Store was an anti-virus app.  Like on a PC this scans my phone for malware and it scans all new apps and app updates.

Google seems to have been a little slow in fighting malware in Android apps but they are improving their security.   Apple have had few malware problems but anything can happen and it is worth being aware of the available security.  Microsoft have dreadful problems with malware, so definitely protect any Windows devices.

There is an excellent website called E-crime Wales which has videos on how to secure your iOS and Android devices plus other information.

Be careful but have fun.


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